Satin Pearl White Wrap on a Ferrari 458 Spider

In its stock form, the Ferrari 458 is definitely a head-turner. Our clients at the Auto Gallery in Los Angeles wanted something more, something that looked like Ferrari should have just made it that way. We had one challenge; Make this car scream without saying “look at me”. They wanted to make this car look like it belongs on the racetrack as well as in the CEO’s parking spot.

This Satin Pearl White wrap was just the added ingredient this horse needed. To give it that extra boost, we didn’t go under the hood at all. We added a custom Satin Black stripe with pinstripes and painted the calipers yellow to offset the wheels. Now this 458 Spyder stops traffic on Rodeo Drive as well as Laguna Seca.

Like this wrap? Right now, you can vote for it on 3M’s Wrap2Wrap competition!

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